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econd Editon of 2015-2016 Now Shipping

2015-2016 Michigan
Art & Craft Show Magazine
With or Without Plastic Binding

The Editon Covers Michigan Shows
June 2015 through May 2016



Available in two styles: with or without plastic binding.
The magazine is $25.00 per issue, plus $5.00 shipping charges.

This issue covers shows from May 2015 through June 2016.
Complete details and contact information on over 500 shows in Michigan.


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2013 michigan with comb bindingPlastic Ring Binder
Special Edition


[includes Priority Mail delivery]

With Online
Update Access
(Michigan 2015-2016 (Now Shipping)

2015-2016 Michigan Edition
Perfect bound paperback


[includes Priority Mail delivery]

Same magazine without the plastic binding.

Special SALE Today:
including $5.00 shipping.
Total for paperback issue only $25.00
(Michigan 2015-2016 (will ship the end of May)

Digital Edition Available As A PDF Download

Same magazine...
We will email the pdf to you within 24 hours.

(Michigan 2015-2016 (will ship the end of May)

You will also have access to online updates.

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10 paperback magazines
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(Michigan 2015-2016 (NOW SHIPPING)

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